Patch note provisoire 1.3 (serveur de test)

Portrait de Skili

Bon, il est long voir très long donc je vous mets juste le lien pour aller lire la version complête...

C'est là.

Au niveau des classes, ça donne ça :

Jedi Knight


    The tooltip for Cauterize now displays the correct damage amount. Functionality for this ability has not changed.

    Corrected an issue that prevented Ataru Form's triggered attacks from displaying visual effects in some circumstances.

    The responsiveness of Riposte and Precision Slash has been increased.


    Opportune Attack: This skill's tooltip now displays the correct chance for its effect to trigger (15%/30%). The skill's functionality has not changed.

    Precision Slash: This ability now costs 1 Focus and is no longer limited by the global cooldown. Its damage has been reduced, and the duration of its armor penetration debuff has been reduced by 1.5 seconds to ensure the effective duration is the same.


    Due to changes to the Guardian skill trees, Guardians have had their skill points refunded.

    The amount absorbed by Blade Barrier now scales properly based on character stats.

    Soresu Form now generates 100% additional threat while active.


    Single Saber Mastery now applies different effects based on your current Form. Shii-Cho Form now increases all Force damage dealt by 2% per point. Shien Form now increases all melee damage dealt by 2% per point. Soresu Form now increases melee and ranged defense by 1% per point and increases the threat generated by Force Sweep and Cyclone Slash by 10% per point.


    Dust Storm: Cyclone Slash now additionally applies this accuracy debuff to affected targets.

    Blade Barricade: Riposte now increases melee and ranged defense by 1% per point and lasts 12 seconds.

    Profound Resolution has been replaced by Purifying Sweep, which causes Force Sweep to apply 2 stacks of armor reduction per point to all affected targets.

    The damage dealt by Hilt Strike has been reduced, but this ability no longer costs Focus to activate.

    Guardian Slash has been slightly altered. The ability still applies 3 stacks of armor reduction. Damage dealt by this ability has been reduced, but when the target is affected by 5 stacks of armor reduction, Guardian Slash now deals damage to up to 2 nearby enemies, spreading 3 stacks of armor reduction to those enemies and knocking down Standard and Weak targets. It does not deal damage to sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemies, and continues to generate a high amount of additional threat.

Jedi Consular


    Project has an updated visual effect and now deals its damage earlier to bring it in line with the Inquisitor's "Shock" ability.


    Shadow Strike now displays the correct error message if this ability is used while player is not behind the target.

    Combat Technique now generates 100% additional threat while active. The healing generated by this ability has been reduced by approximately 50%. Its armor bonus has been reduced to 115% (down from 150%).

    Force Breach (Combat Technique) now generates a high amount of threat.

    Spinning Kick now costs 20 Force.

    Battle Readiness now increases the damage and healing dealt by all Techniques by 100% for 15 seconds.

Kinetic Combat

    Slow Time no longer damages a sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemy unless it is the primary target.

    Harnessed Shadows: The healing generated by Telekinetic Throw has been reduced to 8% total (down from 12%).



    Due to changes in the Gunslinger skill trees, Gunslingers have had their skill points refunded.

    The damage absorbed by Defense Screen now scales properly based on character stats.

    Hunker Down's buff tooltip no longer incorrectly mentions damage reduction.

    Illegal Mods now increases Accuracy by 30% and Armor Penetration by 15% instead of increasing Alacrity.

    Charged Burst's visual effects now work correctly with color crystals. It now uses the correct visual effects when dual wielding.

    An issue that prevented Leg Shot from displaying visual effects has been corrected.

    The visual effect of Smuggler's Luck now lasts the full 20 seconds.

    Quickdraw has a new sound and visual appearance.


    Contingency Charges now lasts 20 seconds (up from 10). Contingency Charges can now be detonated once every second (down from once every 1.5 seconds).

    Insurrection now provides 2 additional Contingency Charges (up from 1).


    Rapid Fire and Burst Volley have swapped positions in the skill tree.

    Rapid Fire is now a 3-point passive skill that reduces the cooldown of Aimed Shot and Speed Shot by 1 second per point.

    Burst Volley now finishes the cooldown of Speed Shot and increases Alacrity by 10% and Energy regeneration by 50% for 10 seconds. It has a 45-second cooldown.

    Trickshot has a new sound and visual appearance, and now changes color based on the equipped color crystal.



    Survivor's Scars now increases healing received by 1% per point (down from 3% per point).



    Pulse Generator now only affects Pulse Cannon, as described.

    Ion Cell now generates 100% additional threat while active.

Shield Specialist

    Supercharged Ion Cell now increases Ion Overload damage by 25%. While Ion Cell is active, High Impact Bolt triggers your Ion Cell on the target and up to 4 additional nearby targets. This damage does not affect sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemies. This generates a high amount of threat.

    Static Shield: The critical chance bonus applied to Stockstrike and Explosive Surge has been reduced to 8% per point.

    Static Surge now increases the damage dealt by Explosive Surge by 6% per point and causes Storm to grant 1 charge of Static Surge per point, which makes the next Explosive Surge free of cost. This skill now requires Storm instead of Static Shield.



    Cell Charger has been redesigned. While Armor-Piercing Cell is active, there is a 50% chance per point to generate 1 Energy Cell every 6 seconds.

    Charged Barrel and Gravity Surge have swapped positions in the Skill Tree. Charged Barrel now requires Grav Round and Gravity Surge now requires Charged Barrel.

    Gravity Surge now additionally grants an extra stack of Charged Barrel and Charged Barrier, if applicable, with each Grav Round fired.

    Heavy Trooper now increases healing received by 1% per point (down from 3%).

Assault Specialist (Commando)

    Target Lock has been redesigned and now gives Full Auto and High Impact Bolt 10% of armor penetration per point.

(J'ai zappé les pas beaux quand même)

Donc en gros, pas vraiment de changements pour Edova et Asaden, juste le pouvoir pour arracher un truc du sol et le balancer sur les ennemis qui va plus vite a faire du dégâts mais se retrouve avec une anim ridicule.

Eltir se voit a priori offrir un mini buff de tanking.

Iheaca se fait nerf sa spé tank.

Un up dps pour Muricia et Eleawyr ('fin je crois).

Et un petit nerf pour moi (faut tester mais ça ressemble bien a un nerf pour moi) avec des changements cosmétiques sur les attaques.